How to Outsource Your Life with the Internet

A human being with a lot of responsibilities knows the value of time, busy schedules often eat away crucial times that could be spent catching up on leisurely activities and NOT doing laundry. If it isn’t time that is your issue, it could be you just plain don’t like what you are doing. So let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just better to pay someone else to take care of some chores and thanks to the beauty of the internet, accessing this person or service is only a matter of a few minutes. Here are some ways to outsource your  life so you can focus on those that make you money, make you happy, or let you do something you love.

Hire a housekeeper


Hiring a housekeeper to come over twice a month should be sufficient in helping you upkeep your home. Housekeeping service for medium sized apartments cost about $100, however, you can use a deal from Groupon or Living Social so you never have to pay full price.

Get your groceries delivered


The idea behind satisfying your hunger goes beyond you spending time in the kitchen, a great deal of time is also spent shopping for items. If you find this to be a hassle or feel it takes away too much of your free time, then look into services like Plated, Fresh Direct, or Postmates who deliver to your home. There is usually a small delivery fee and a minimum on orders.

(Or), Get your meals delivered


If you find the act of cooking to be a hassle also, then services like FamilyChef, Dine in 2Nite, and Healthychefcreations will be of use. Services like these cater well to your requirements concerning your diet and/or lifestyle preferences. For example, if your aim is to eat for weight loss, then the service will help you plan a meal to meet your objective.

Secretaries, Personal Assistants, or Helpers


Finding a personal assistant that will cater to your needs is easy; find one on sites like or These are especially great options for people who own small businesses and aren’t looking for a permanent employee commitment. Outsourcing your chores however don’t always have to be business related; it is very easy to find people to help you with things like moving and decorating your house on websites like or – these websites also offer personal assistants for professional needs.

Homework Help


It is normal for hardworking parents to have little to no time to spend time with their children, let alone find the energy to help them with their school work. You can very easily find credible tutors on sites like and for in-person sessions. Great tutors can also be found on sites like,, and for online tutoring; compared to in-person sessions, the prices for online sessions are more affordable with the average cost ranging around 40 cent/min or $20/hour – while the prices for in-person sessions vary greatly depending on the tutor.



While we all wish that clothes would clean themselves, there is no escaping doing laundry. And if laundry has become a source of misery in your life, then it’s time you leave it up to someone else to take care of it – someone that is not Mom. Through website like, you can find local businesses and people willing to pick-up, do the laundry, and bring it back to your home.

Babysitters/Pet Caretakers


The cost of daycare can be quite excruciating on the wallet. Sites like,, and have a huge selection of trustworthy babysitters and nannies catering to all types of needs; some of these sites have a list of pet caretakers, as well – no more shall your puppy miss a day of walking.

Home Improvement


Whether you are looking to upgrade/improve your home or looking to repair certain aspects, if you are not an expert, then it is best you look for one – and the internet is the perfect place to begin your search. Angie’s List takes all the mainstream hype for such business, they however ask their customers to pay for using their service. Sites like,, and serve as great free alternatives to this service and put hundreds of licensed contractors at your disposal.

Going to therapy


No more do you need to waste gas or make time to go to a therapist for counseling. If you are looking for someone to discuss your state of depression, anxiety, insecurities, break-ups, etc., then many trained listeners can be found online. Check out sites like,, and; all these websites practice privacy and confidentiality.



Of all things, dating is one of the most popular part of life that many have chosen the internet to rely upon. We’re sure you’ve stumbled upon the names and but the field of finding partners of the internet goes much further. There a numerous websites that cater to your specific lifestyle (i.e. religion, occupation, etc.). Online dating has come a far distance regarding security and authenticity and any preconceived notions against using these services should be dismissed; granted the website clearly must have positive reviews from its users. So, if there is a void of a partner in your life and you are struggling to make time to find one beyond your fence, give online dating a shot – the love of your life may just be a click away.

We would love to hear your experiences with using such online services; kindly comment with suggestions and opinions below!

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