6 Things that Successful People Do to Start Doing Today


Ever hear the saying, “you are what your friends are”?

As we grow older, we begin to prioritize our responsibilities. However, it is fairly common to be in situationswhere a few of your close friends opt to not become adults – in a worse scenario, you are surrounded by chronic downers. It is understandable that you stick around to be there for them, but, if their rhetoric continues to channel nothing but negativity into your life, then perhaps it is time you begin creating a gap between each other. Not only are you hurting your own sense of wellbeing, but you are simply enabling them to them complaint or behave childish by always being there – at the receiving end.

Once you are an adult seeking to exceed in life, you must look for company that is in fact more successful than you are; hang out with people you one day want to become. It is important to understand that your net worth in society also includes your company, so pick and choose who you are willing to let others see you with. A close network of successful people will only enhance your chances of attaining better opportunities and receive proper encouragement you need to excel.

Do What You Love

Many people pick the idea of making more money instead of going for the path they are truly passionate about; ask any self-made rich person, they will tell you what a huge mistake this is. In fact the self-made richest people in the world almost never compromise on this subject. The fact is you get one life, so you might as well make the most out of it. Become a perfectionist at what you love to do most and money will come!

Bottom line is, it is best to have a career you can be proud of instead of picking the safer options.

Set Goals

Unfortunately, success is not something you will come across by accident; you must know what it is you desire to accomplish with your life – and how you will get there. Setting goals allows you to not only envision a final picture, but also keep you focused on the journey. The key to successful goal setting is to set short term goals amongst your long term ones; you will be able to meet them at a faster rate which will keep you motivated to keep going.

So figure out what you want in life – but also the steps to how you will achieve it.

Become Accountable

A great way to keep yourself focused is by letting the responsible people in your life know about your intentions. Letting people down is one those qualities we all try to avoid getting pinned to our names. By letting in people who care (these are your parents, significant other, successful friends we discussed earlier) about plans to succeed, you are creating expectations in others that you simply cannot let them down on.

Another great way to expand on this is by welcoming trustworthy and motivated people into your goals. Allowing yourself to be held accountable for the success of your team will keep you motivated. And of course, having a team will allow you to spread some of your daunting tasks; which can speed up productivity and keep your mindset in a positive light.

Be the Hardest Working Person You Know

Like we mentioned before, success is not something you just come across. Saying “work harder” may seem like an obvious statement to make, but people that are starting out simply do not understand what this entirely means. Working your hardest means blood, sweat, and tears – which comes prepackaged with a huge list of sacrifices you will have to make.

A good way to gauge how if you are working hard enough is by comparing it to the busy schedules of your “successful” friends; now spend more time and effort  that them! You consistently want to push the threshold of your limits and thrive to aim for perfection – and not what will pass for a mere “okay”.

However, keep in mind that you working hard should not take away from your mental capacity or create a negative state of consciousness. This is exactly why it’s crucial to pursue something you are passionate about.

Keep Learning; the More You Know, the Better

Continuing to expand your knowledge has nothing but benefits. Not only should you consistently seek to update yourself in the avenues of your preferred fields, but also in general. Keeping up with economic, social, political, science and technology, and even sports news will broaden your perception of the current state of events and also widen your vocabulary amongst possible future business partners.

Successful people are also entrepreneurs; therefore being knowledgeable about other fields will allow you incorporate different elements into your practice and perhaps even enable you to extract revenue from multiple sources.

It is highly encouraged that you attend workshops and/or seminars in your field, also; they will help you network with potential peers and keep you updated on modern practices.


The key to a successful career is to push further than the accepted norm. This will take patience, resilience, dedication, and a sheer amount of courage. Do not be afraid to fail and know that the real failure is you giving up on your task completely. Lastly, it is crucial that let yourself out of your comfort zone and also allow yourself to take risks.

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