How to Get Promoted Like a Boss


It simply makes sense that you would want to climb up the ranks and make a name for yourself (especially) if you enjoy where you are working. However promotions don’t come easily – and not everyone can always get them. Obtaining high tier titles takes a lot of patience – but most importantly dedication – a little bit of luck and timing plays a role in this concoction, too. Being stuck in the same place is no fun and you can feel like your life is in limbo.

If you are tired of waiting to be rewarded, here are points we encourage you to explore that will help you speed up this process.

Research the Position

Before you begin the journey of pursuing a promotion, it will be in your best interest to learn the ins and outs about the position you are aiming for; after all, what sense does it make to pursue a position you are clueless about? The idea of filling someone’s shoes may seem easy to envision – but what it takes to walk the walk may be completely different. Apart from learning about the requirements, you must also feel confident in knowing the skills you bring to the table – how is promoting you going to benefit the future of the company and the credibility of the position – be prepared to answer this question during the meeting?

Show Initiative

This may sound obvious, but one must consistently showcase outstanding performance to even be recognized for higher titles. Everybody at your job does their job – promotion is given to those that take pride in walking the few extra miles. However you want to do this with a more “out of the box” approach; doing more of what is expected can encourage your boss to keep you where you are – you know, since you are so great at it already. The key is to show how your work ethic and approach makes the department better, aim to be the person that suggests improvements! It is completely okay if your methods are a bit unorthodox; the point is to be recognized for being unique. However, (it should go without saying) you must know how your employer reacts to changes and your approach must cater to the way he/she could possibly respond – but never hesitate to take risks and be bold.

Improve Your Network

You are who your company is – being associated with the delinquents (or people that don’t take their work seriously) will certainly not help your chances. Surround yourself with instead with successful people, people that can personally inspire you to be the better you – remember, almost every person with a successful career have a mentor to guide them. Try creating friendships with people in similar positions (they do not have to work in the same company). Also, interact with peers with strong work ethics. If possible, become best friends with your boss. We don’t encourage that you become a “yes man”, but if truth be told, promotions are solidified during lunches and golf games.

Keep Yourself Updated

Every few years, the technology changes so drastically that what you spent years learning may be of absolutely of no use – and a younger, knowledgeable, eager, and cheaper employee (seeking to replace you) might be right around the corner. To extend the longevity of your career, you should stay aware of the latest technology. This may require you to do lots of extra studying, research, and even take training (depending on your field – workshops are orchestrated for some reason after all). A good approach maybe to ask your employer for training programs – they may appreciate you taking the effort; some companies even cover the cost of training their employees! The more you allow them to invest in you, the more likely they will help you stay happy and climb up the ladder.

To Reiterate – Go Past the Status Quo

We all have coworkers that dread being where they are and do the bare minimum – enough to justify getting a paycheck. As we mentioned before, you want to disassociate with these people as much as you can – yes, their personalities may fit the likes of yours and they may be fun to hang with, but do not let them anchor you down. Promotions are not given to those who insist on coming in and leaving exactly on the dot; show your boss that you are an exceptional member of the team and enjoy going the extra mile.

Reach Out To Help

In order to impress your boss, you want to be on the forefront. This tip falls under the same idea of showing initiative when your boss reaches out for help, aim to be the person who reaches out to help without any hesitation. Your boss can give out tedious work to employee he/she feels to burden with, but they will only promote the one that makes the effort to take it upon their shoulders. Going out of your way to obtain extra responsibilities will show your hard working character and get you one step closer to the goal.

Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

For the sake of stating the obvious, how you look does matter. We are not saying you have to buy items off of the Ralph Lauren Purple Label line – but looking clean has never hurt anyone. One of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s (President of Influence At Work (IAW), Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing Arizona State University, and author of the iconic book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion) principles of persuasion includes appearance. He states that people blindly respect/like/are attracted by those that appear to be someone of authority. So, it is in your best interest to look healthy and dress better – think of the expensive suits as an investment.

Create the Position If It Doesn’t Exist Already

If there is a gap of responsibilities that requires a wider focus, it makes sense for you to suggest the idea of creating a small department to handle those tasks – which of course will be supervised by you. This will require a lot of planning on your behalf, but if you can justify how this endeavor can improve your company’s overall productivity and/or improve various conditions around the office, then this is not something that has never been done before. Even if it fails, you’ve just shown your boss that you take pride in improving working conditions and are willing to take strategic initiatives – so it’s kind of a win-win.

Do Not Undersell Yourself

Time will come when your boss will be accepting of speaking with you about a potential promotion; this is where you will make or break your chances. Talking about yourself comes naturally to some, but most find it annoying and repulsive – but in this case, tooting your horn is almost a necessity. The key is in realizing the difference between talking about you vs. talking about your skill set. Be confident in your strengths and achievements – write them down if you’re unsure what they are – and deliver with humility. It is also a good idea to share some positive feedback you’ve received for your work – share some stories about your conquests and be proud of them!

Banish Your Fear

Rejection is scary – but you simply cannot let it get in the way to allow you to accomplish your goals. More than any physical foes, fear is the worst. We all feel fear when we get put up on a spot, but this is where those who can do get separated from those that only dream. Have faith in yourself and channel that fear into inspiration and walk into that meeting knowing that it is simply a formality – because the job is yours to begin with.

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