Words to Remove from Your Office Vocabulary Starting Today



2016 means a new year and a new you, so don’t get caught in the same office rut of using words that are officially phased out of everyone else’s vocabulary but yours. Here are a list of 10 words and phrases that are completely overused in corporate america (or really any work space!).

Using these sayings might actually be jeopardizing your career, so its time to re-evaluate and remove these words from your 9-to-5 once and for all.

  1. Paradigm: Fine is you are in an English class, not fine if you are in a meeting. Use model instead.
  2. Strategic: We get it, its something everyone wants to be and probably one of the most OVERUSED words in business.
  3. Think Outside the Box: Another obvious word. Its just plain overused, and when you say it you confirm to everyone that you’ve been thinking inside the box all along.
  4. Honestly: Everyone was hoping for a lie or something made up, said no one ever.
  5. Guru: Another word that has had too much facetime. Think mentor, it sounds more professional.
  6. Off the Grid: If you work in an office, you aren’t off the grid, even if your vacation is. Just say ¬†you are not checking your email.
  7. Reach Out: If you are reaching out, you don’t need to write this. We get it….you are reaching out.
  8. Deep Dive: Are you scuba diving off the Cayman Islands? No we didn’t think so. Just say you are investigating further.
  9. Low-Hanging Fruit: A very bizarre way to say something is “easy”. Skip the fancy speak, and save everyone time.
  10. Ninja, Rockstar, Etc.: We’ve got it you are the golden child. Can’t you just say expert?


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