March Financial MUSTS!!!


Haven’t checked yourcredit score in a while—now is the time

Knowing what your credit score is crucial for understanding what your financial strategy should be. Your credit score drastically influences the interest rates you are offered when you are in the market looking to buy a car, a house, or get any form of loan. Therefore, by knowing this very important information, you allow yourself to do a more thorough research on your best options before you make any inquiries in person.

It should be kept in mind that any personal inquiries you make are recorded and banks do not like it when you make too many checks in a short period of time – because it is assumed you are in desperate need for money and thus likely to be unreliable on making payments.

Have a check-in with your partner, re-budget!

If your partner and you don’t have a structured financial agreement, then we highly encourage that you immediately set one. Also if it has been a while since you have discussed this matter, then we suggest you do. Couples that understand their financial goals and restrictions make their lives a lot easier!

Have a kid going to college—fill out FAFSA

Many parents wait till last minute possible to fill out the FAFSA. You do yourself a huge disservice by doing this because you miss out on potential non-federal grants that have early deadlines. Also, many top tier schools have early deadlines for FAFSA as well – some even as early as February 15th! The aid you receive from FAFSA can play a huge role in your child’s education so be on top of it for their sake!

It’s Almost Tax Season

Going back to the FAFSA for a second; it should be clear that you must file your taxes before filing for FAFSA. If you are divorced, sometimes filling early can help you claim your children as dependents; the ex-spouse will of course be out of luck. But best of all, you can collect all the documents in a timely fashion and avoid any chances of making a mistake; filing wrongly of course can be seen as fraud – which is best left avoided.

Start a New Healthy Habit

Why a health tip on finance related site? Well, have you not heard that “health is wealth”? People should realize that even though consuming harmful foods is not doing immediate damage to their health, consistently following unhealthy habits does! Almost all of our illnesses are due to the food we eat – healthy diet is the key to a strong immune system and up to par mental performance.

For the most part, people understand what is healthy for them to eat and what is not. Fast-food, sugary foods, foods with harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients (anything prepackaged really), processed foods, drugs, etc. – all of these are your mortal enemies and are killing you kindly. We highly encourage you to go through your kitchen cabinet and research the impacts of ingredients listed in the foods you eat; you may be surprised to unveil the poison you’ve been feeding your children.

Yes, medicine has come far and you may be able to take a pill (or 7) when you are old to deal with any complications, but a life as such (when it can be avoided) simply seems depressing. The money you will spend on eating healthy (while saving on not eating bad) will pay off when you don’t have to deal with high costs of medicine. So eat more veggies (than meat), stop eating junk food, and get some exercise instead!

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