PCs Aren’t Just Laptops Anymore


Welcome to 2015, a world where there is a Starbucks in every city and in some cities on every corner,  social media connects us in ways we never thought possible, we can order dinner through our phones and our laptops don’t have to come in one shape. If you haven’t met the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro yet, you’re not living in 2015.

The Lenovo 3 Pro can easily be called one of this year’s best performing new PCs—it’s remarkably thin and light, and feels just different enough to set it apart from its competition. The Yoga 3 Pro is also the first consumer PC with the Core M CPU. It was so appropriately named because of its ability to literally bend over backwards. It can “twist” into 4 postures that allow you to break out of the traditional laptop shape. The Yoga Pro 3 can be a tablet, tent, or stand, plus you can always turn it into a laptop!

Lenovo replaced the dual hinges that appeared on prior Yogas with a new, classy-looking “watchband”-style design with six beveled-metal hinges along a matte strip that make it look like the links on a Rolex. The new style allows the Yoga to fold perfectly flat when opened 180 degrees and shaves a couple of millimeters off the thickness, helping it achieve its svelte profile.

The Yoga 3’s 13.3-inch, touch-sensitive display provides bright, detailed images with vibrant color. Just to give you an idea Yoga 3 Pro’s screen can display 99.3 percent of the sRGB color gamut, making it much more capable than the average Apple MacBook Air (63 percent).

Bottom line, if you are looking for something that can keep up with your lifestyle and is as versatile as you, look at the Yoga Pro 3. Why buy a tablet and PC, when you can buy one machine that does it all for you. So check it out, this is one machine that over delivers.

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